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DB Navigator
다운로드 Android
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Deutsche Bahn 171488 52M
DB Navigator
다운로드 Android
Deutsche Bahn 171488 Android 6.0 52M
DB Bahnhof live
다운로드 Android
Deutsche Bahn 1935 Android 4.4 22M
DB Streckenagent
다운로드 Android
Deutsche Bahn 14081 Android 6.0 134M
Ticket NRW
다운로드 Android
Deutsche Bahn 0 Android 6.0 84M
DB Ausflug
다운로드 Android
Deutsche Bahn 0 Android 5.0 79M
München Navigator
다운로드 Android
Deutsche Bahn 3947 Android 6.0 96M
다운로드 Android
Deutsche Bahn 2561 Android 8.0 15M
VRN Ticket
다운로드 Android
Deutsche Bahn 758 Android 6.0 66M
DB Bauarbeiten
다운로드 Android
Deutsche Bahn 0 Android 7.0 24M
DB Train Simulator
다운로드 Android
Deutsche Bahn 9189 Android 5.0 85M
VBB-App Bus&Bahn: All

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HaCon Ingenieurges.
8101 Android 6.0 11M
BVG Fahrinfo: Route

다운로드 Android
23997 Android 6.0 46M
S-Bahn Berlin
다운로드 Android
S-Bahn Berlin 1498 Android 6.0 8.8M
MVG Fahrinfo München
다운로드 Android
SWM Services GmbH 9958 Android 5.0 71M
Holland America Line

다운로드 Android
Holland America
421 Android 5.1 50M

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개발자 설명

Tickets, real-time information, coach sequence and more Are you on the move and would like to know when the next S-Bahn train is leaving, how you can get to the other end of the city the fastest or when you have to pick up your friends or family at the station? Then the DB Navigator is your perfect companion! From city buses to ICE trains, from information to arrival - the DB Navigator has the right service for you in every situation. Download the DB Navigator app for free here in the app store and start your personal travel companion! Mobile phone ticket Book your ticket for regional and long-distance transport, save it in the app or in your wallet. Cancel and change your tickets on the usual terms. Real-time information Get all the details about departure and arrival times, transfers, real-time information and alternative connections at a glance in “My trip”. Coach sequence On your day of travel, the coach sequence shows you the platform section in which the coach with your reserved seat will stop. Quick booking-option Simply swipe left over the desired connection, check booking details and with a swipe to the right over the red button with the train you will receive your ticket. Komfort Check-in Check yourself in after boarding your long-distance train. Travel notifications With the delay alarm you will be informed in case of timetable changes, delays and track changes by e-mail or push notification. Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 Display your next departures of frequently used connections via voice command without opening the app. Best Price Finder When you're looking for a connection, the new best price finder gives you a practical overview of the lowest ticket prices throughout the entire day. Select and reserve a particular seat The graphic seat display provides an overview of available seats on the train and lets you select the seat you wish to reserve. Find more information at https://www.bahn.de/en/view/booking-information/booking/db-navigator-app.shtml?dbkanal_007=L04_S02_D002_KIN0059_FLYOUT-BUCHUNGSINFORMATION-APP%20_LZ01 Do you like the app? Give us your feedback right here in the app store or directly in the app under Feedback & Support. Your feedback is what motivates us!