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Old Me-simulate old face
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Playstore 다운로드 → 8050 42M
Old Me-simulate old face
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OpenTable: Restaurants
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OpenTable 138648 Android 6.0 74M
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Burger King, Inc. 234847 Android 5.0 18M
Old School RuneScape
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Jagex Games Studio 105351 Android 5.0 8.1M
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The Old Spaghetti
83 Android 6.0 120M
Weedmaps: Marijuana,
Cannabis, CBD & Weed

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Weedmaps 82771 Android 7.0 44M
Yelp: Food, Delivery &

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Yelp, Inc 489340 Android VARY 기기에 따라 다릅니다.
Eventbrite - Discover
popular events & nearby

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Eventbrite 134519 Android 5.0 24M
Jitsi Meet
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8x8, Inc 49532 Android VARY 기기에 따라 다릅니다.
Green Dot - Mobile

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Green Dot 77950 Android 5.0 54M
Golden Corral
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Golden Corral
4682 Android 6.0 120M
1Weather Forecasts &

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OneLouder Apps 944395 Android 6.0 26M
Raising Cane's Chicken

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Raising Cane's
Restaurants, L.L.C.
22017 Android 5.1 37M
Shake Shack
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Shake Shack 11706 Android 9 35M
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Sonic Industries
Services, Inc.
223087 Android 4.4 26M

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새로운 내용 TomoNow(Old Version) v2.46

개발자 설명

TomoNow 2 has been released! Would you like to check it out? - Full-function focus timer: TomoNow's timing tools are highly flexible and easy to customize. - To-do List: Focus on the current task. Use as "current actions list" to incorporate the TomoNow into your time management workflow. You can make a plan and follow the progress. TomoNow also provide a undo function to prevent accidental deletion. - It feels different: A specially designed winding gesture helps improve your focus and avoid interruption. - Quick Timer mode: You can also leave your daily timing work to us. TomoNow's "fast timing keyboard" greatly simplifies the time setting operation. More with less. - Statistics chart: Record your daily work efficiency. It's easy to analysis and review. - Watch App: Start focus from Apple watch! Set and add task. Work perfect in background. - Good accessibility: TomoNow has been optimized for accessibility and is suitable for daily usage by visual impairment people. - TomoNow is designed and developed by Megabits. You can send an e-mail([email protected]) to communicate with me. - Technical Information - URL Scheme Show “Add task” dialog box: pomonow://addTask Show task list: pomonow://tasks Stop current focus cycle: pomonow://stop Add task: pomonow://?task=Task1&tag=0&aim=0&task=Task2&tag=1&aim=1... (Description: task:[Task name,String] tag:[Color tag,Integer,Range 0-6] aim:[Focus plan,Integer]You can add multiple tasks at once.) Set current task:pomonow://?set=Task&tag=0&aim=0 (Description: set:[Task name,String] tag:[Color tag,Integer,Range 0-6] aim:[Focus plan,Integer]The program will search for tasks that match the criteria in the task list. If there are multiple matches, the program will select the first. It's optional to provide all conditions.) - Using open source project: Gidole - Open Source Modern DIN (MIT):