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Garfield StickerTap
다운로드 Android
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Bare Tree Media 660 3.0M
Garfield StickerTap
다운로드 Android
Bare Tree Media 660 Android 4.0 3.0M
Cute Cartoon Stickers
Pack for WhatsApp

다운로드 Android
Freds Media 48 Android 4.1 2.8M
Garfield's Count Me In
다운로드 Android
Grendel Games 117 Android 4.4 93M
Garfield's Bingo
다운로드 Android
Shoal Media (Canada)
2015 Android 4.1 31M
Funny Cartoon Stickers
for WhatsApp

다운로드 Android
Freds Media 0 Android 4.1 2.7M
Yellow Cat Garfi Coloring

다운로드 Android
ColoringDev 0 Android 4.4 9.3M
Jigsaw Game - Garfielld

다운로드 Android
Jigsaw Game for Fans 17 Android 4.4 32M
Cartoon Stickers For

다운로드 Android
Anjana Gihani 0 Android 4.4 15M
Cartoon Stickers for
Whatsapp (WAStickerApps)

다운로드 Android
BeStickers 246 Android 4.2 11M
다운로드 Android
Bitmoji 3527132 Android VARY Varies with device
Disney Emoji Blitz Game
다운로드 Android
Jam City, Inc. 517866 Android 4.4 145M
UNUM — Instagram

다운로드 Android
UNUM, Inc. 3021 Android 6.0 140M
Pink Garfield Theme
다운로드 Android
Fancy keyboard
Themes Studio
126 Android 4.1 3.6M
다운로드 Android
Jonny Burger 173 Android 5.0 24M
New Cute Cartoon Stickers

다운로드 Android
Charmink 14699 Android 4.1 80M

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개발자 설명

Welcome to Garfield StickerTap, the official Garfield app for sending messages and sharing photos featuring Garfield and his friends. Garfield StickerTap combines the functions of a sticker app, keyboard app, and photo app into a single app. Best of all the app is available as a FREE download! Who doesn't love FREE stuff? Garfield StickerTap makes it easy and fun to tap into 100s of emojis, stickers and animated GIFs based on Garfield. Simply tap an image in the gallery and send within your message, or add to a photo and share. Garfield StickerTap offers the flexibility of using the features directly from within the app, or enabled as an integrated keyboard extension within your iPhone or iPad settings. Garfield StickerTap is one of the first apps compatible with the new iMessage sticker feature allowing you to send Garfield iMessage stickers. You can also use the app to send stickers in Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Twitter, and other apps that allow you to paste images within your messages. Garfield StickerTap makes it easy to add stickers to your photos! You can do this directly in the app, or as a photo extension to add some fun to your photos. Garfield StickerTap is available as a FREE download, offers FREE content to start you off, and provides options to purchase additional Garfield content at your leisure. Browse the in-app sticker marketplace often for new and ongoing content introductions. Tap some fun into your conversations and photos with Garfield StickerTap. © Paws Inc. All Rights Reserved. Garfield StickerTap created by Bare Tree Media and powered by the emojiTap messaging platform. A NOTE ON ALLOWING THE OPTION OF FULL ACCESS: Why does Garfield StickerTap offer the "FULL ACCESS" option? You have two choices related to sending messages using the app. You can immediately use the app by tapping on an image and sending through the messaging app of your choice. Or you can enable FULL ACCESS in your device's setting, allowing the app's keyboard function to access all the sticker you own in the app. If you choose not to enable FULL ACCESS, Garfield StickerTap cannot access your downloaded stickers when in the keyboard mode, for users preferring keyboard access. Don't worry, the app works great without the FULL ACCESS mode enabled. We love offering choices based on user preferences. The Garfield StickerTap app and keyboard function does not transmit or store anything you type. That warning message (which is displayed after allowing full access) is there to make sure you are aware of what technically is possible before making a decision about whether to trust the developer of a keyboard extension and grant FULL ACCESS. Nothing you type is collected or gathered by the Garfield StickerTap app or keyboard. The app can only track what stickers are being used at an anonymous and aggregated level. This anonymous data helps us to improve the quality of stickers we make available and overall happiness with the app.