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Shopify Inbox
다운로드 Android
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Shopify Inc. 1630 81M
Shopify Inbox
다운로드 Android
Shopify Inc. 1630 Android 7.0 81M
Shopify - 여러분의
전자상거래 스토어

다운로드 Android
Shopify Inc. 21957 Android 8.0 116M
Shopify Point of Sale

다운로드 Android
Shopify Inc. 1523 Android 5.0 75M
Customer View - An app
for Shopify POS

다운로드 Android
Shopify Inc. 78 Android 5.0 14M
eStore2App for Shopify
다운로드 Android
Dhanashree Inc 0 Android 4.1 14M
Marketplace Application
for Shopify Store

다운로드 Android
Webkul 0 Android 5.0 80M
Shopify Local Delivery
다운로드 Android
Shopify Inc. 34 Android 5.0 27M
Shopify Top Stores
다운로드 Android
Iridescence 0 Android 6.0 42M
Order Sync For Shopify
다운로드 Android
Adevole 0 Android 5.0 15M
Mobile Application for
Shopify Store

다운로드 Android
Webkul 0 Android 5.0 80M
Shopify Mobile App Demo
다운로드 Android
SimiCart Company 0 Android 5.0 59M
Shopify Burst
다운로드 Android
Shopify Inc. 41 Android 5.0 7.2M
Shop: package & order

다운로드 Android
Shopify Inc. 361549 Android 5.0 95M
VentoApps - Shopify
Mobile App Builder

다운로드 Android
Elvento Labs 0 Android 4.4 14M
다운로드 Android
BigCommerce 235 Android VARY 기기에 따라 다릅니다.

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개발자 설명

Shopify Ping lets you use the power of chat to grow your Shopify business. Build customer relationships, collaborate with your team, and manage your marketing from a single app – for free. PROVIDE A BETTER BUYING EXPERIENCE Customers who chat with a brand are nearly three times more likely to complete a purchase and half as likely to return their order. Use Ping to: • Save time by managing customer conversations from different services within a single app • Send products, discounts, and new orders from your Shopify store directly inside conversations with just a few taps • Set hours of availability and manage automated messages while you're available or away • Support your customers effortlessly and turn conversations into sales Ping connects with popular messaging platforms so you can manage all your customer and team conversations from the convenience of a single app: SHOPIFY CHAT Shopify Chat is a free tool built by Shopify that lets visitors chat live with you while they’re browsing your online store. APPLE BUSINESS CHAT Let customers contact you with the Messages app on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. With Apple Pay, they can even complete purchases without leaving the conversation. FACEBOOK MESSENGER Chat with Facebook users who message you through Facebook Messenger. WORK SEAMLESSLY WITH YOUR TEAM You can also use Ping to collaborate with your team, strengthen customer relationships, and deliver improved shopping experiences through chat. Shopify Ping is designed exclusively for use with your Shopify store. --------- FEEDBACK & SUPPORT For 24/7 support visit the Shopify Help Center: