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Sudoku Epitome Puzzle Game Android 용  Sudoku Epitome Puzzle Game Android 용  Sudoku Epitome Puzzle Game Android 용  Sudoku Epitome Puzzle Game Android 용  Sudoku Epitome Puzzle Game Android 용  

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개발자 설명

Sudoku Epitome FREE puzzle game is well designed for all the levels of players who are smart in finishing the FREE Sudoku Puzzles, Sudoku Number Game comes with an Easy, Medium, Hard & Expert mode with more than 4998 puzzles to solve. Sudoku Puzzle Hints to finish the puzzle helps solving the Game in very minimal time. Pencil Tool helps Puzzle Solvers to note down the numbers before filling the correct number to solve the puzzle. Erase Tool helps Sudoku Box Players to erase the number in the sudoku puzzle map. Different colour theme option will activate the different coloured sudoku puzzle maps. Auto Removing notes option minimises the time of the puzzle solver. ----- Benefits of Playing Sudoku Epitome PUZZLE Game ----- IMPROVES BRAIN MEMORY Memory and logic work side-by-side when you are playing Sudoku Box. We use our memory to memorise the numbers, when we use our logic to figure out the next blank. STIMULATES YOUR MIND It keeps you practicing your logical thinking process when you are solving a puzzle, and eventually improve your number skills. KEEPS YOUR BRAIN ACTIVE Learns to do things quickly. Not only playing Sudoku Box is interesting but it helps to increase your sense of time. You will learn how to make a decision and take an action with less hesitation. INCREASES CONCENTRATION POWER Sudoku Box requires players to think strategically and solve problems creatively. Once you stop playing in the middle of the game, you have to start the whole thinking process, which helps you to develop your concentration power and re-focus skills. MAKES YOU FEEL HAPPY Sudoku Box gives you a sense of accomplishment when you can solve a puzzle, especially the difficult puzzle.