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Strobe Therapy
다운로드 Android
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FuwhatSoft 26 1.6M
Strobe Therapy
다운로드 Android
FuwhatSoft 26 Android 4.4 1.6M
Strobily - strobe light
다운로드 Android
thepenguin77 1480 Android VARY 기기에 따라 다릅니다.
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Zidsoft 4140 Android VARY 기기에 따라 다릅니다.
스트로브 빛
다운로드 Android
Brandon Stecklein 15020 Android 5.0 10M
Alzheimer's 40Hz Gamma
Light & Sound Therapy

다운로드 Android
Alzheimer's Light,
37 Android 5.0 5.5M
싸이키조명 미러볼
& 클럽조명

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FlashBeats 370 Android 7.0 19M
Color Strobe
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Sarlinou 26 Android 4.0 286k
LED Strobe
다운로드 Android
Easy Labs 11237 Android 4.1 3.3M
실어증, 뇌졸중,
치매에 대한 언어
이해 및 인지 치료

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ImagiRation LLC 130 Android 5.1 46M
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Chic Apps 1133 Android 4.0 3.1M
MP3 Strobe Light - Music

다운로드 Android
HO A SU 79 Android 6.0 5.8M
Music Strobe Light
다운로드 Android
Tappaz.Games 10520 Android 4.1 4.7M
Brain Therapy - Neurosync
다운로드 Android
Fosfenismo España e
0 Android 5.0 33M
클럽조명 - 디스코
나이트클럽 파티
뮤직 - 네온 플래시

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Entertainment Zone,
26 Android 4.4 76M
Zeus™ Music Strobe

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Chris Rohit Brendan 2408 Android 4.1 3.3M

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네 가지 간단한 단계에서 사용 방법을 알려 드리겠습니다. Strobe Therapy 귀하의 전화 번호.

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설치하려면 Strobe Therapy 타사 응용 프로그램이 현재 설치 소스로 활성화되어 있는지 확인해야합니다. 메뉴 > 설정 > 보안> 으로 이동하여 알 수없는 소스 를 선택하여 휴대 전화가 Google Play 스토어 이외의 소스에서 앱을 설치하도록 허용하십시오.

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개발자 설명

Strobe Therapy regulates your brainwave by the rhythm of blinks of lights and leads you to a deeply relaxed state. If you use it when you go to bed, you can expect a good sound sleep. You can also expect it to reduce stress and to improve cognitive function. It's easy to use the app. Just press a button, then the LED light of your phone will start blinking at high speed. Let the strobe lights hit your eyebrow center after you have closed your eyes. That is all. It is highly effective for relaxation. Take the shower of the strobe lights without moving your body. While your eyes remain closed, you will start to see various things such as colorful geometric patterns, psychedelic mandalas, beautiful natural scenery, etc. As you relax deeply, what you can see will change. Just be aware of what you can see. It will naturally lead you to a deeply relaxed state. You can't fully relax while you are holding a device in your hand, so it would be good to lie on your back and place the phone directly on your forehead. If the leak of the light disturbs your neighbors, cover it with a thick towel or something. It's rare but, depending on your constitution, there may be danger of inducing photosensitive epilepsy. Please use this app at your own risk. If you are oversensitive to light, refrain from using this app. Besides that, excessive prolonged use of the app may induce side effects such as dizziness. Please take responsibility for adjusting your exposure time to the light. You might think that you will be awakened by being showered with the strobe lights before you go to bed. But actually, it is mysteriously effective in making you relaxed. And somehow it seems to be good for eye fatigue too. Those who are insomnia, those who tend to think too much, those who do intellectual work right before they sleep, those who are restless and can't calm down, must try this app. Before the emergence of Strobe Therapy, this experience has been possible only by using a very expensive dedicated machine for meditation and therapy. Ajina Light, created by Guy Harriman, is one of those dedicated machines ( It is an excellent machine with much brighter lights than smartphones. But a problem with Ajina Light is its price. It costs 5555 US dollars! So it is not something that average people can buy and be able to use before going to sleep. Strobe Therapy is not only inexpensive. It has unique features that those dedicated machines do not have. In particular, the function that repeats multiple sets while placing break times is distinctive with this app. It is highly effective in relaxation. The mysterious effects of flickering lights have long been known. Ptolemy, an ancient Roman scientist, generated flickering with sunlight and a spinning wheel. He noticed that a feeling of euphoria could be experienced by that. Modern French psychologist Pierre Janet used it to relieve hysteria. Aldous Huxley, the author of The Door of Perception, noted that flickering lights have a similar effect to hallucinogens such as LSD and Mescaline. Several scientific studies have revealed that brainwaves can be controlled by the frequency of strobe lights. In 2016, Nature published a scientific paper that shows amyloid β, a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease, can be removed from the brain of mice by strobe lights.