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Stradivarius - Online

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Stradivarius - Online

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개발자 설명

Discover a new way of shopping for clothes, accessories and shoes, uncover all the trends and make wish lists of your favourite clothes. You can modify your customer profile and search for Stradivarius stores using geolocation. What’s more, you can manage your receipts and the purchases you’ve made in physical stores. ◉ WOMEN’S FASHION Stradivarius offers its entire catalogue of clothes and accessories on the app. Shop on the online store for girls’ garments (dresses, accessories, skirts, T-shirts, jeans, trainers, coats, etc.), manage orders and track your purchases. So you can always wear the latest fashion trends! ◉ VIDEO EXPERIENCE Do you want to see how the garments from our physical stores look or even access exclusive content from current campaigns? Select the “video experience” option on the app menu and scan the images of any outfits or posters you come across. See how a dress looks when wearing it or find the latest arrivals in women’s fashion. You’ll see the clothes in motion to give you a better idea about how your new clothes will look on you, in addition to the latest fashion trends. ◉ CREATE WISH LISTS OF YOUR FAVOURITE GARMENTS Devise wish lists of items using your ideas for trendy outfits and featuring garments from the catalogue. ◉ PAY IN-STORE WITH THE APP Using the wallet app, you can add payment methods, pay for any garments or accessories you buy in a physical store (using a QR code), keep track of the clothes you’ve purchased and scan receipts to add them to your list of purchases. ◉ SEARCH FOR AND FIND YOUR STRADIVARIUS STORE Find where you are using the app’s geolocation feature, and you’ll automatically be shown the nearest Stradivarius stores. Select any store to find its address and telephone number or add the store to your list of favourites. ◉ STAY ON-TREND You can find all the latest trending collections, choose clothes and shoes to combine with your outfits and shop online for women’s clothes. ◉ WHAT CAN YOU BUY AT STRADIVARIUS? Everything you’ll need in women’s fashion: the best outfits, evening wear, shoes, scarves, blazers, coats, sweaters, dresses, trainers, trousers, skirts, belts, shirts, bags, purses, handkerchiefs, etc. ◉ WHAT DOES THE STRADIVARIUS APP OFFER? √ Catalogue with each season’s fashion trends √ Online store where you can shop for girl’s clothes, shoes and accessories √ Manage wish lists with your trendy outfit ideas √ Wallet for paying directly from the app √ GPS store localisation system Are you looking for an app to find special offers and shop online? Do you want to keep up with and wear the latest fashion trends? Are you looking for ideas for combining outfits? Do you want to pay in-store with your mobile phone? Look no further and download the Stradivarius app. You’ll always be in style!