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StoryToys Haunted House
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StoryToys 239 93M
StoryToys Haunted House
다운로드 Android
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Ghost Town Haunted House
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Haunted House Games 2020

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As night falls in the spooky forest, monsters are stirring in the Haunted House. Do come in - if you DARE! In this house, it's halloween all year round, so come meet the monsters, play games, and complete challenges to win spooktastic badges and stars. StoryToys Haunted House is packed full of ghoulish games, awesomely eerie activities and things that go bump in the night. GAMES • Freaky Flyer: Play aerial tag with flying dragons and grisly goblins. • Super Glooper: Bat away flying balls of slimy goo as the monsters go wild! • Matching Monsters: Test your memory with a monstrous game of matching pairs. • Pumpkin Picker: Spot 10 hidden pumpkins as you search for the Haunted House on a dark and stormy night. Watch out, there’s a zombie about! • Spooky Dresser: Give Jack O’Lantern a horrible new look for Halloween with bat wings, horrible horns and hairy warts. • Ghost Whacker: All aboard the Ghost Train for a thrilling ride. Help Wilma the Witch and the Mummy whack ghosts - but don’t get slimed! • Monster Hunter: Feeling brave? Then play a game of monster hide and seek in the dark! • Creepy Crawler: Put up some Halloween decorations, but tread carefully. One false move and you’ll wake up Uncle Drac! • Make magic potions, build your own monster, and much, much more… _______________________________ STORYTOYS BOOK APP REVIEWS: "I wondered who was going to get pop-up books right, and [StoryToys] wins by a long shot. I recommend this app quite highly and know that little ones will come back to it again and again. Great work all around!" ~ David Winograd, TUAW "StoryToys has near-brilliantly rethought children's books. This application evolves the very concept of what a story can be." ~ Jeremy Horowitz, iLounge “Every page keeps the reader wanting more. The interactivity of the pop up pages is superb.” ~ Leanne McGinty, Ahgoo Review “Stunning. If I had to sum up this app in one word it would absolutely be stunning.” ~ Danielle Smith, _______________________________ STORYTOYS AWARDS • 24 Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Awards • 24 Editor's Favourites from • 10 Tech With Kids Best Pick App Awards • 6 Mom’s Choice awards • 5 International Serious Play Awards • 4 Kirkus Stars • 2 Bologna Ragazzi Digital Awards • 2 Teachers with app awards • Best Educational App from Balefire Labs • Editors Choice - Best Apps For Kids • Kidscreen Award _______________________________ STAY IN TOUCH! Stay in touch to hear about new releases and promotions: - Visit us: - Email us: For any technical issues please email us at [email protected] - Like us on Facebook: - Follow us on Twitter: @StoryToys